Courses and Costs

Course Cost for  Term Notes:
Professional Communication Presentations

Theatre Workshops


 $100 per hour Please ask for details. ONLINE TUITION IS AVAILABLE.
Speaking Dynamics Individual: $400
Pairs: $280
Group: $200
Character Recital, Conversation Skills, Mime, Improvisation, Poetry speaking, Bible reading, Sight and Prepared reading, Public Speaking, Puppetry.
This is the broadest course.
Communication Pairs: $200
Group: $250
Conversation Skills, Interview techniques, Impromptu and Prepared Talks, Readings, Improvisation.
Create and Communicate Pairs: $410
Group: $200
The speech and drama course for students also wishing to write their own material for performance – poetry, prose and drama.
Particularly good for the Gifted and Talented student.
Group Drama Group: $200 Mime, Improvisation, Scripted Drama, Choral Speaking, Debating.
Performance Arts Individual: $400
Pairs: $250
Students actively incorporate the use of other disciplines they are studying within performances eg. Singing, dance and a musical instrument.
Shakespeare Individual: $400
Pairs: $410
Group: $200
The study and performance of Shakespeare’s sonnets and dramatic characters.
Reading Performance Workshop Reading and creative interpretation of texts ; can include liturgist training
This is particularly suitable for those wishing to develop reading fluency.

All individual lessons: 45- 60 mins
All pairs lessons: 60 mins