Another successful year, another new year begins

The workshops are designed to be fun and positive experiences whilst covering a range of dynamic speaking and dramatic skills – including public speaking, debating, presenting to camera, poetry and prose speaking, prepared and sight reading, Bible reading, vocal expressiveness, mime, improvisation and scripted drama. Workshops run from mid February to November.  There is the opportunity to gain qualifications in Communication Skills and Public Speaking, or Theatre Skills (SpeechNZ and Trinity College). These can be sat in pairs, groups, or as individuals. Diploma studies (university level) are offered in year 13. Our students achieve well. In 2023 we had a 95% pass rate at Honours and Distinction levels. Exam fees are extra costs. We aim to showcase the learning in a Parent Showcase at least once a year. Students gain confidence in expressing and presenting themselves well, develop vocal expressiveness and clarity of voice, integrity and respect, memory training, teamwork, co-operation, perseverance, diligence, tolerance and judgement.  There is no doubt that having a confident, expressive and artistic voice is an asset in today‚Äôs world.

Baradene Results

Special Awards

Top Year 7 student                  Maddie Cheng

Promising First Year.               Natasha Price

Most Improved                        Kenzie Holden

Acting in Pairs Award.             Emily Fippard-Peacock and Dora Slavich

Personality in Performance   Giselle Ford

Most Versatile Performer      Emily Choi

Trinity College Associate Diploma in Public Speaking (with Distinction)

Hannah Lane-Gould

Trinity College Speech and Drama Grade 8 (with Distinction)

Natalie Salmon

SpeechNZ Flexi Syllabus Grade 8 (with Honours Plus)

Zoe Thomas

Trinity College Acting in Pairs Grade 8 (with Merit)

Hannah Brinker

Giselle Ford

Solenn Jordan

Trinity College Speech and Drama Grade 7 (with Distinction)

Emily Choi

SpeechNZ Grade 5

Rosie Beech (with Honours)

Ava Gardner (with Honours)

Doris Slavich (with Honours Plus)

Isabelle Lee (with Honours Plus)

Emily Fippard-Peacock (with Honours Plus)

Theatre In Action Grade 4 (with Merit)

India Coleman

Emma Carran

Mikayla Denny

Luca Morton

Charlotte Woolley

Theatre in Action Grade 3 (with Honours)

Maddie Cheng

Kenzie Holden

Rosie Stones

Theatre in Action Grade 3 (with Honours Plus)

Lila Barnett

Juliette Blanchard

Natasha Price

Aleena Rayappa

Allie Polland

Petra Slavich

Sarah Williams